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These guards are mounted on the beam that runs in front of the splashwell of the 619VS, 620VS and 621VS Ranger(Top 2 pics). The guards are in 2 pieces,removable and  7" high. Price is $185. We do not make guards for 2006 and newer 620vs rangers.

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202 Triton tiller

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Ranger 618,620 Tiller

Guards for these tiller boats are mounted on top of the transom near the back. They install in minutes and are easily removable with 3 thumbolts per side. They can be easily stored in your boat compartments or be left on. Since they are mounted in front of your troll motor ther is no need to take measurements of you troll motor mounting plate. Price is $190.00




Here is a link to PWT pro Rick Gardners web site that discusses boat control with his Ranger boat. Boat control